Accredit Screening Services Pvt Ltd ., provides the below services with a need for us to support our client’s for recruiting the most desirable personnel thus ensuring greater productivity lower employee turnover & lower cost in training of their employee’s.

Academic Verification:

Verifying the status of the institution degree awarded & grade obtained, genuinity of certificates issued by the institutions

Employment Verification:

Verifying candidates previous job last held position, remuneration, reason for leaving & period of employment along with nature of separation & eligibility for rehiring

Reference Verification:

To analyze the professional strengths & weakness of the subject & to gain insight into the work ethics off an applicant/subject.

Address Verification:

It is important to know the whereabouts of a person in order to have full confidence in his/her credentials. Address verification can be of two types: Permanent and Present address

Criminal Verification:

Criminal verification entails checking a person's criminal history to assess his or her trustworthiness. Our investigators physically visit the police stations to check the policed records for 7 years at the nearest police station, whose jurisdictions covers.

Database Checks:

There is no central database in India unlike USA to conduct a criminal check. But certain third party databases are available which aim to cover adverse records in court judgements, criminal investigations, databases covering terrorists, most wanted criminals, members of parties and groups that are on watch list, among others. These are used for criminal database checks.

Drug Test:

A pre employment drug testing program for background investigation helps protect employers from hiring drug users, before they can have any impact on the workplace.