Why Accredit??

    Accredit helps you to hire the best & offering the real information you need to make the right hiring decision. We are specialized in performing thorough background checks to protect your company from lawsuits and ensure that you employ the best employee for the position which can be modified for your company's needs.

About Us:

    We take pride in setting high standard to ensure quality, customer satisfaction, & high degree of excellence,



  In today's dynamic environment, we are aware of the need for us to support our client's for recruiting the most desirable



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Welcome to Accredit!

    Accredit is a Human resource consulting organization dedicated to provide pre employment screening & credentials verification services.

In today’s business world, employers face many issues in the sphere of employee antecedents. Inappropriate hiring decisions can result in higher management time being spent in tackling these unproductive issues affecting business prospects. Accredit helps bridge this gap by providing a comprehensive employee verification solution.

The need to be well informed about prospective hires is becoming more and more important In an independent study, we found that:

  • 47% of applicants had one or more accidents or moving violations.
  • 30% of applicants misrepresented employment records.
  • 22% of applicants had a previous workers' compensation claim.
  • 16% of applicants had credit reports showing a judgment, lein, or bankruptcy.
  • 11% of applicants had multiple moving violations, suspended licenses.
  • 7% of applicants had a criminal record in the last 7 years.

Accredit Screening Services helps you overcome all the above issues.